We are refining our intentions to the universe:

Hideout Farm is not a mere farmhouse, B&B, or just a weekend getaway close to Mumbai.

We are a wellness destination dedicated to the healing and wellbeing of everyone who arrives here with an open mind and heart.

We invite you to surrender to the power of nature in our sacred fruit forest. Rejuvenate your senses in our sustainably built home that is open to the positive energy of the earth. We encourage guests to book long stays with us to truly detox, unwind, and refresh themselves.

And attend workshops where you can learn about:

  1. Natural living in harmony with the environment, each other, and our internal and external universe.
  2. Slow food, conscious food, soul-repairing food.
  3. Sustainable, organic, natural farming, also known as Ahimsa farming
  4. Raising your children with home-schooling
  5. Living healthy and independent of medications & vaccinations
  6. Home birthing/natural birthing

This is a clarion call to all teachers, yogis, healers, experts in various fields of alternative therapies, practitioners of healthy eating and simpler living, and all gifted and generous individuals who wish to share their knowledge at
Hideout Farm.


They can be in the form of:

  • Workshops
  • Retreats
  • Group sessions
  • Individual coaching
  • Detox camps
  • Seminars for rewiring one’s mental, physical and spiritual core
  1. We are open to all kinds of formats and durations ranging from one-day workshops to week-long sessions.
  2. Please reach out to us and discuss your needs freely so we can arrive at an arrangement that matches your goals, budget, schedule and most importantly, comfort level.

Our rates include home-cooked organic food and stay for residential workshops. Transport can be arranged at extra cost, on request.

Come home to Hideout Farm, journey to a wellness destination where you can explore, rediscover and reconnect to the worlds within and around you.