About Us

Meet the Hideout Farm family

Hemant Chhabra
Born and bred a South Mumbai boy, Hemant’s move to Hideout Farm was a conscious choice based on his desire to return to his roots, be connected with the earth and to heal himself and others spiritually. He quit his leather and bag business to make a sustainable living, running Hideout Farm with his family the way he would run a home. Hemant propagates the tenets of healthy living, minimum medical intervention in matters such as vaccinations and wholly supports un-schooling.

Sangeeta Chhabra
It was always her dream as a child to be in the countryside. A creative soul, Sangeeta is a trained textile designer and teacher from the Rudolph Steiner school of thought. She has home-birthed her children and would like to support interested couples who are interested in learning about the benefits of trusting your body, home-birthing, breast feeding and home schooling to unschooling.

Anicca Chhabra
A freelance photographer who has a passion for taking stunning pictures, Anicca moved to Mumbai city to pursue her love for teaching. Inspired by her mother, Sangeeta, she now teaches eager young minds at the primary level. She makes sure to visit Hideout Farm regularly and even needs to, when the crazy pace of city life makes her yearn for her rural home.

Aditya Chhabra
A talented & trained hairstylist, Aditya is an ardent fan of pets, kitchen gardening, and cooking up innovative stuff, not necessarily in that order. He helps run the show at Hideout Farm and brings his own whimsical, unique take to things especially when he captures life on the farm via Boomerangs and adorable snapshots you can see on Hideout Farm’s social media.

Ayaana Chhabra
The youngest member of the Chhabra family, she is  the official tour guide of Hideout Farm . Be prepared to keep up with her incredible energy and spontaneous, bubbling outbursts of joy! Having been raised on Hideout Farm, just like her siblings, Ayaana truly embodies the freedom and confidence that comes from being home-schooled and interacting hands-on with nature since she was born.

Rita Chhabra
Her physical form may have made a graceful exit from Hideout Farm not too long ago, but Dadi still blesses us and this sacred space with her love and guidance constantly. While we miss her every single day, we know without a doubt that she graces us with her positive presence.