Let’s hold hands to build a Community at the Hideout.( I trust & believe only those seeking the highest Truth will be part of this space)

A seed that has finally sprouted into my consciousness, Was fortunate to have Nitya Shanti  here on a self retreat this time & I again shared the idea of a community,instant response was lets write 108 ways to build a community,

He was very kind to actually share his resources, ideas & experience as he conducts Happiness workshop across the globe with different communities, Deep gratitude to you Nitya.

He did mention about Diana Leaf & her book Creating a life together. What divine grace, I get Invited from an friend an NLP master Ashok Subramanian ( ) for a workshop on Sociocracy 3.0 by James priest,there he shares his girl friends contact Diana Leafe, I was reluctant to write to her as James mentioned she very busy,after a few days , I couldn’t believe when i wrote the her she responded immediately & shared her hand outs which I found very meaningful & worth sharing. deep gratitude to you Diana )

What Can Go Wrong in Cons

1.0 Sociocracy – Eff, Eff, Fun

4 N Street Cons Method US REV 4.15

Gratitude Ishita Shah for writing the content for me.

Vision:  At Hideout, we believe a shift in the consciousness can change the world.  Over here life is full of magic to enjoy the present moment.  It is a place full of powerful synergy where one can experience the beauty within & outside the self. We invite you to awaken your senses and connect with nature at the Hideout Community. Come here; open up your hearts to feel mother earth and her energies. Explore your inner self & celebrate life with the oasis of light. The space is open to all, who are interested in participating and volunteering in courses for personal development, in order to build a new world of consciousness.

Blessing: To be only 2 hours drive from Mumbai, living in forest with waterfalls 365 days, with the tribal community & villagers, & connected to Wifi.

 About us: We are a vegan community, perhaps one of the first ones in the country.

 Community Center: Primarily the community center will be a space for sharing innovative ideas and positive energies.The community center will also be an open platform for various tangible activities, which will help us achieve our vision. Come of the initiatives we would like to propose are –

  • Healthy living and spa treatments( not the ones that’s available in the world, only one of a kind in the universe) to heal individuals. Help them look within themselves and create oneness with their surroundings.We believe healing is here and now,there’s no tomorrow!
  • Natural birthing Birthing space
  • Establish a wide range of seed bank and nursery to sell plants not available in the market. The nursery will comprise of forest fruiting plants and indigenous fruiting trees.
  • Create a friendly barter system to exchange local produce and other necessary resources, with people from nearby villages.
  • Start a shop to sell organic produce and inspirational literature. Also, tie up with urban setups to promote regional and natural products in cities and towns.
  • Set up a Tribal Art Museum by working hands-on with tribal people from the immediate surroundings.

 Partnerships: We also believe in holding hands together to create this new world of consciousness. Continuous collaborations will help to create a strong network with other communities & exchange updates for all members to benefit. Hideout community plans are to formally tie up for support for mutual interest –

  • Art Escape & Inspire Trust- Goa
  • TISS & other interested institutions for improving life in rural world – Mumbai
  • Amitab Bangla com Calcutta
  • Tradional Art Paramparik karigar Mumbai
  • Rendezvous of Local Healers (Bhagats)
  • Shubhada & Sanjay Patil in seeds conservation and networking of Organic farmers,rice cultivation
  • Dr lajpatrai Mehras Neurotherapy Ashram Suryamal Wada Palghar distt India
  • Life positive – Mumbai
  • Balbhavan – Mumbai
  • Goverment of India for all the resources and visions!
  • Government of Maharashtra
  • Ministry of Tribal welfare

Explore & Invite: Furthermore, Hideout Community will invite members and leaders from Indian and International communities to cooperate and share their learning and experiences.Some such ideas which will be explored are –

  •  Mr Prakash Bhatt,BIAF ex-head of Hubli who has already turned around around 100’s of acres to fruit wadis only on rain water
  • Invite Anna Hazare
  • Work with International community of Welsh, Find horn, Gaia education worldwide Boom- Denmark
  • Go givers book – explore
  • Bio URN
  • Use hideout & family local strength 80/20 principal (Pareto Principal)
  • Make a list of communities inspired by how they have grown, Findhorn, Burningman & others you wish to share
  • List of books on community living, invite James Priest & Diana Leaf Christian
  • Anand Sangha (Finding happiness) referred by Nitya Shanti
  • Ageless home -Instead of an old age home, build a space where people can come and live permanently and live their life to their fullest.



Various activities to facilitate community building at Hideout, we will be hosting – short films on the work and ideology, visitors can engage in filming, nature based art workshops, international art workshops & showcase, movie nights with dinner, building the library, book reading, theaters, writers club, community games, and youth programs

 Food sustainability:

Participation of urbanites who are concious and want a supply of food for them and their food.

Start growing Micro greens,baby greens,green,in a tunnel and raised beds

Finally looking at options of a green house so we have food all year round for the family


Volunteering work at Hideout Community will include –

  • To physically build a community center for needy
  • Announce building plans so intuitions and similar can plan to create projects and participate
  •  Invite internships to live & learn here for 10 days & participate in various activities
  • Hands-on work for all involved in the community


Hideout Community will invite masters, Healers,coaches, trainers and teachers with high intents from India & overseas,  to conduct retreats & their personal self-retreat. Special packages will be offered to such eminent professionals in case they wish to do programs with us and help build the community stronger.


Hideout Community will constantly work on its money plan to make itself a self-sustaining entity. The financials of the community work will be kept transparent and shared with visitors or participants for the mutual clarity of all.


Construction & Building:

Building Eco stems in construction, rain water harvesting, grey water, black water, solar energy, forest school, closed hall with wooden flooring and made-in-earth products.Expand the Solar power capacity

Need help before starting the community:

  • Understand legality behind community building,
  • resolve issues related to international visitors staying permanently or for long stays,
  • invite major bloggers on music, art, food and travel to connect,
  • make a list of communities and understand how they have grown,
  • list books on community living,
  • To establish a team of locals who can physically build the community
  • To invite individuals who can Volunteer to actually build the community,what ever yr passion is I see a space for ALL!



Educational initiatives will comprise of –

  • Space for children of the community & locals
  • The tribal teachers as masters in their own right
  • Photographers contest & celebrating prominent photographer award

Site visit to :

Bare Foot College (Rajasthan), Kutch NGOs for Architecture, Sadhana forest (Auroville), visit international communites overseas



  • Season programs for individuals, family & children
  • learn Warli art from Internationally acclaimed Warli artist
  • Invitations to proactively invite to use & also do self retreat & workshops
  • Permaculture conference.
  • Fukuoka conference
  • Louise l hay conference / workshops
  • Natural healing workshops
  • Raw food, smoothies
  • Music & dance live
  • Body work
  • Invite Analogue forestry world meet, open India chapter
  • Conscious food workshop
  • Have annual mass healing like we had un-conference/earth Healing, earth acupressure
  • Children camps with parents
  • Non violent communication workshops with Shammi Nanda
  • Waldorf school conference
  • Yoga space, dance, body movement
  • Invite the Viapssana community
  • Art of living
  • Connect with Sufi communities
  • Build a relationship with the Gurdgiff foundation of India
  • Osho Community meet
  • Wild food festival
  • Alternate energy conference
  • Kabir festival
  • Baul festival ( Padmajas hubby, Amitab Bangla
  • Tradional Art Paramparik karigar
  • Conference of shamans all India (Yogi & other contacts)
  • Working with shamans introducing international and domestic persons to them for healing
  • Creating a natural pure camping experience & area, sleeping under the stars
  • Community- healing for animals ( animal fostering for community )
  • Paranita Balar – dog shows
  • Connect with Leh lines
  • Mahatma Gandhi book centre Gamdevi, Mumbai
  • Films division – huge collection on moviesFeel free to call Hemant on +919820149022 email

Soooo we’ve all been sweating and feeling pretty much helpless this summer thanks to the amazing weather! *rolls eyes*

Time to change that…


Here are a few ways to keep your dil and dimaag thanda



They are by far the easiest thing to make and super yummy!

you can experiment with any fruit

Watermelon Popsicle

what you will need

• Watermelon

• Juicer

•Popsicle moulds ( very easily available   In the market )



juice the watermelon put the juice in the moulds and let it freeze.

Things you can add

you can also add some mint leaves to this, makes it yummier!

Another awesome combination is lemon and basil ( my mouths watering already )

throw in some chunks of fruits into your Popsicles to get an awesome brain freeze




The most easiest and refreshing drink to have in the summer is Nimbu Paani

I’m going to share a healthy version of nimbu Paani with you today

What you will need ( per glass serving )


• 1 lemon

• black salt

• jeera powder

• organic gud

• apple

• mint



in a glass of water squeeze one lemon, add about 2tbsps of Gud, a pinch of black salt, jeera powder and mix

shred about half a small size apple and add to the nimbu Paani

also add a few mint leaves.

serve cold



Apparently it gives you wings!

So skip red bull switch to a healthy red bull instead.

the power drink is made of fresh hibiscuse petals from Hideout

you can place an order for the pulp that we make an sell and easily make this drink at home

What you need

•hibiscus pulp

•sweetener ( honey )

• water

call 9920640815 to place orders for the hibiscus pulp





we would love to know how your Popsicles and drinks turned out

please do share with us!





The idea to get back & touch base with my personal friends from all the courses I did with THAC (The health awareness center) yoga days with Jahangir Palkiwala, Colaba (south Mumbai) times, old time rock and jazz yatra days at Rang bhavan in the late 70’s-80’s .promote hideout have fun in the market like I did in the late 80’s markets in Germany, Switzerland,France.Introduce the hideout community to visit & support Kavita Mukhi a single handed soul who,has managed to support organic farmers to bring high quality of exotic organic salads and organic vegetables, fruits, etc…
The beauty of the market is the way she managed to get a cross section of musicians, a brilliant vegan , fresh and healthy authentic food cooked and served at the cafeteria, different growers and organic producers and a few interesting stalls which add more fun, knowledge and spice to the enthusiastic visitors, singles, couples, families, foreign visitors, expats.
Our hit was the Hibiscus flower fresh juice, Star fruit juice & used Papaya straws,.Also available seasonally in concentrate, home delivered in Mumbai.


We decided to start blogging and since non of us are born writers we were always hesitant to start blogging, but then we decided to give it a shot.

So here we go!


As most of you know we run an Organic Farm and a homestay called Hideout and we run it as a family.

We moved here as a family about a year ago, before that we stayed in Bombay.


We’re a family of five and they include

Hemant (The dad)

Sangeeta (the mom)

Anicca (that’s me )

Aditya (the bhaiya)


Ayaana being her true self

And the most energetic member of our gang…

Ayaana (the youngest of us all)

Not to miss our family also consists of a few Cats and Dogs, some of you already know about them while the rest of you will surely meet them when you visit Hideout.





Since not all of us farm (speaking about myself specifically ) we decided to blog about whatever interests us, as we all have our own set of interests and we hope that interests and helps you in a way too :D

Very few persons who respected our work of soil building, a back breaking task since 26 years.Its far beyond organic.

Planted tress not for the greed for food but to build an Eco- system for all living.

Every year after the monsoon one noticed a big shift,starting with rats, white ants (termite), red ants,birds, centipedes,giant wood spider,frogs,crickets,snails & finally this year bees,billion other friends not named in our family.

Gratitude to Masanobu Fukuoka,P D Bafana, Bhasker Save, S A Dabholkar, Deepak Suchde, & every others important person who contributed in our journey.