We welcome our guests to our farm house and encourage them to make the best of their stay. We wish for them to have a comfortable experience and the only agenda is to share, care and return with wonderful memories.

However, we do have some expectations:

Please adhere to our rule of ZERO wastage of food, kindly wash all your utensils and dry them

Drinking water is filtered and safe, please don’t waste it

For bathing, you will have to help yourself to hot water from the common boiler outside

We are solar powered, so please don’t keep your lights on at night or when not in the room as it burns out the battery

Lights attract insects so please use the lights only as required

Please do not leave behind or throw plastic water bottles, plastic packets or cigarette butts on the road, in the car park, in or around our village. Diapers such as Pampers have to be taken back with you.

Please participate in farming and other activities; we assure you it will be a learning experience

Please carry your pen drive/external hard disk as we would love to share movies and other data which would be helpful and interesting to you.

Do not harvest fruits on your own , if you so desire, you will be taken on a guided tour

Our team of tribal girls and men are not our maids or servants; they are part of our community and serve us all. Please treat them with respect and consideration

Please drive cautiously at 20 km speed on Thappar pada road as kids are often playing around

If you have an agenda please let us know before your trip or on arrival so we prepare ourselves and put aside extra time if needed

If you have any specific food restrictions or requests, please intimate us at the time of booking

The place has been designed using local materials; you may have to be extra gentle and caring

Please double check all your belongings before departure and if any inexpensive thing is left behind, it will be donated to the tribals. However, in case of expensive belongings, you will be contacted by us

If you wish to purchase any produce from the eco shop, please intimate us on arrival so that is kept ready for you

We are open to sharing our recipes or other information you may need, so do not be reluctant to ask

For massages, please take prior appointment

During trips to the water fall, please do not venture out without Hemant or Sangeeta’s permission as you need guidance or a person to accompany. Swimming in the lake is illegal and unsafe. All water activities are at your own risk, please be informed that Hideout does not take any responsibility of life or injury to body and limbs.

Playing loud music is not permitted on our premises

Our dogs and cats are free and not tied or isolated. Please treat them with respect and consideration

We have separate washrooms and toilets for drivers. We do not provide rooms for sleeping/resting for Drivers.

We do not encourage any Walk ins