The Chhabra’s


We decided to start blogging and since non of us are born writers we were always hesitant to start blogging, but then we decided to give it a shot.

So here we go!


As most of you know we run an Organic Farm and a homestay called Hideout and we run it as a family.

We moved here as a family about a year ago, before that we stayed in Bombay.


We’re a family of five and they include

Hemant (The dad)

Sangeeta (the mom)

Anicca (that’s me )

Aditya (the bhaiya)


Ayaana being her true self

And the most energetic member of our gang…

Ayaana (the youngest of us all)

Not to miss our family also consists of a few Cats and Dogs, some of you already know about them while the rest of you will surely meet them when you visit Hideout.





Since not all of us farm (speaking about myself specifically ) we decided to blog about whatever interests us, as we all have our own set of interests and we hope that interests and helps you in a way too 😀

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